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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of its involvement there the fire. he said quote what can we do? continue business as usual? kill more people by starting more fires? end quote. that violation also allows them to change that terms of pg&e's probation from the san bruno explosion. he told the utility those changes could be sweeping and they will certainly make every effort to avoid wildfire. >> he sent me a loud message that he wants a solution. he wants people to collaborate on getting it right. he wants to do it immediately. >> the judge has yet to specify what he will require the utility to do. it could be as far reaching as inspecting its entire grid costing rate payers extra pg&e says. but whatever it is, judge says the june 21st official start of fire season is going to play a prominent role in his mandates. in the meantime utility over sight groups want the maximum
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account ability possible calling for the company to be put into receiver ship based on its past behavior. >> i am not convinced that the current management of pg&e was showing themselves incapable of following complying with the basic safety rules will be able to follow the judge's new rules. >> all right. that was emily turner reporting. surveillance video outside a san mateo market captures a man shopping for produce. he returns wrestling her for her wallet. he doesn't get away clean. police say the man in the video is 26-year-old maka tua. turns out during the robbery he
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dropped his cellphone a man has been charged with trying to kidnap and sexually assault two young girls. it happened last thursday next to the dmv. police say that 42-year-old freddy pinned one girl to the ground and tried to choke her. the father of one of the girls was walking ahead of them ask was alerted to the trouble. the suspect ran off but was arrested a short time later it was a case that shook the bay area to its core. 30 years ago today a young girl vanished while walking home from her school. tonight friends and family of ilene misheloff are gathering once again to remember her. >> the vigil will start here and that is because ilene was walking home from wells middle school that day. she was supposed to go home and then to practice.
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she was a competitive ice skater but she never made it home and she never made it to practice. >> how do you give up on your baby? >> its been 30 years to the day since their daughter disappeared january 30, 1989. >> at times its like yesterday. sometimes its as if today 30 million years. >> her parents keep on hoping their daughter who would be 44 in march is still alive. as we were doing this interview they got a new age progression photo of what she may look like now. ilene has an older brother and a twin brother. a thick yellow ribbon is tied to the lamp light at the front door of the home. a symbol of hope. >> we keep our outside light on during the night because she has to have a light to follow to come home. >> and a mother's message to her daughter. >> get a chance to see this baby -- we love you so much and want you home now.
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giving up on you is never an option. >> and the family will be joined by other family and friends and community here in the east bay. they plan to walk from the middle school to the route that she was supposed to go home that day and then to a church to remember ilene. share memories and keep her memory alive. we will be here at 7:00 as that vigil begins. back to you. looking live right now at a view of the golden gate bridge. clear skies we saw briefly today giving way to the clouds and soon some wet weather. paul tracking the series of new storms that are indeed headed our way. >> one tonight, one friday. we will look at a wet pattern almost here. it looks like it should be cloudy at side when you see a radar image like this. it is perfectly clear over the bay area. we have rain sitting just offshore. that is where its likely to stay for at at least next two or three hours. getting closer to point rays.
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you can see the low pressure area swirling off the coastline. look at where the clouds are. they are hugging the coast. they are not here yet. we will go from clear to wet this evening. we are seeing the rain move in by 8:00, 9:00 or 10:00 this evening. notice how its hugging the coastline as well. we will see a lot more rain in the san francisco than we will in livermore. rain will taper to showers overnight tonight. with now have rain falling wet roads are likely for the morning commute tomorrow. we escape a wet evening commute but tomorrow it will likely be slow and wet on the roads. talk about the bigger storm coming. that is coming up in a few minutes. the other big weather story of course the midwest. they are dealing with life-threatening cold temperatures. the high today there never got above 0. it was warmer at mount everest base camp and on mars.
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so cold transit workers set fires along the train tracks. a tactic used to keep those switches from freezing in one position. service was reduced but the city was able to keep some lines running in spite of temperatures of 20 below and colder. so far the paralyzing cold being blamed for seven deaths. three governors declaring states of emergency. it is not just the cold but ice and snow wreaking havoc. the slippery conditions leading to a multi-car pile up on a busy interstate in michigan. reporter susan elizabeth is in minneapolis. >> to fully experience this weather you have to step outside. we are not going to stay out there long. you get frostbite in about five minutes. the temperature here -- bottoms out at about negative 30 degrees last night. they are taking some severe precautions around here. schools are cancelled. its a rare occurrence in this part of the country and breaking tradition t. post office is not delivering mail today. look at this.
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we found some brave artists who froze their clothes into place. they dip them in water. in a few minutes they look like this. >> i see two clouds in the sky. we are out here doing yard ornaments. we don't care. we will do whatever we got to do to have some fun. that is what i'm saying. >> the best way to describe this weather is for you to think of the temperature of your freezer and then imagine something 20 degrees colder. on that note we will head back inside. back to you. >> you can always go ice fishing i guess. to give you an idea how cold it is this man throwing boiling water into the air. it freezes instantly and then vaporizes. >> yeah couple of red faced pilots. they were working on that beach craft you see there all smashed
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up. they kounltd get it started. they walked away. well couple of minutes later the propeller engaged. that plane took off down the run way by it self. nobody at the controls. never actually left the ground but it did crash into a car and hit a fence and police and fire said that's a good thing because it was headed right for a hang far full of a bunch of people. the good news is nobody was hurt. let's take live look at capitol hill where senate and house lawmakers held their first formal session today. eight republicans and nine democrats have until february 15th to resolve the border security issue or face another possible government shutdown. republicans say wall is necessary to secure the southern border. democrats say the money should go to modernizing the ports of
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entry where government data indicates most illegal drugs enter the u.s. >> smart border security is not overly reliant on physical barriers which is trump administration had failed to demonstrate our cost effective compared to better technology and more personnel. >> i want to be candid with my friends. i do think we need a wall, a physical barrier, where the barrier works. >> president trump has indicated he could by pass congress and use emergency powers to fund a wall. democrats vow to fight that in the courts. a surgeon wall -- surge on wall street today. the central bank vowed to be patient about future rate hikes. the dow ended the day 434 points at 25,014. the nasdaq was up 154 points. the s&p gained 41. it's a super bowl show down
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of bay area quarterbacks. >> they are going all out for their guy. >> this is where l.a. rams quarterback went to high school which if we are being honest wasn't that long ago. today we talked to some of his teachers about he was like back then and what they are saying to him ahead of the super bowl facebook caught paying teens for access to their personal data. a new privacy scandal doesn't seem to be hurting its bottom line. and its the main pipe that delivers the bay area's drinking water. we get an exclusive look inside. water. we get an exclusive look inside.
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another small earthquake just off the san mateo county coast. it is the second one today just west of daly city. this latest measuring 2.2 recorded just after 5:00 this morning. a 2.8 hit the same area. live look now at atlanta. the mercedes benz stadium is where the patriots and the rams will face off this sundays in the super bowl. the quarterbacks of the dueling teams both went to bay area high schools. >> rams quarterback jared
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graduated from moraine catholic in kent field. suzy is there for us now with how his former school is cheering him on. suzy. >> well it was just six years ago that jared november goff was the star here. today students and teachers spent time sending him messages of support. its hometown hype for rams quarterback jared goff coming from his high school alma mater moraine catholic. >> the neat part is our whole community -- we sort of are living through jared right now. we feel like we share in it. its exciting. >> coach said he knew jared was going to be a star the first time he saw him play his freshman year. >> he made throwing the ball
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look easy. you can -- you saw the talent right away. >> taking a trip down memory lane which wasn't all that long ago. you will see goff was well liked back then too. his senior quote as an 18-year-old may be why he's headed to his first super bowl at 24. he chose you can't let praise or criticism get to you. its a weakness to get caught up in either one. that is where cook admires most about him. >> very calm the whole game. he keeps everything in check. he never let as -- lets a moment get too big for him. >> while the support is appreciated. those who knew jared best don't think the hype will get to his head either way. >> i don't see him necessarily being phased by being in the super bowl. just playing his game and sticking to and it hopefully getting the w.
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>> now as we mentioned earlier the patriots quarterback tom brady also went to high school here. he went to sarah high school in san mateo. they are betting dinner but they are are also betting attire. the losing team will have to show up wearing the other team's clothing on monday after the super bowl. >> go rams and go wildcats. thanks, suzy. >> i got to be fair, the patriots quarterback going for his sixth super bowl win. tom brady wasn't always a winner. back in his high school days sat san mateo sarah high he never played a play off game as a quarterback there. his dad shared his son's humble beginnings in football. >> his first year at sarah he had never played organized football and he was on an 0-8 team that did not win a game and did not score a touchdown ask
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and he was the back up quarterback. >> there you go. at this point they were very used to tom brady playing in super bowls. after all this is his ninth appearance. they told us today they are not planning any special super bowl events. i guess its old. kpix 5 your super bowl station for bay area quarterback show down. you can watch jared goff face off tom brady this sunday. >> roger goodell said he hopes the raiders will play one more season in oakland. the team threatening to leave a year early over a legal fight with the city. there was some talk about the raiders playing in san diego before moving to las vegas. at a news conference today goodell shot down the idea. >> i'm hopeful they will get a resolution soon. i think the hope of mark is to continue to be -- in the bay area with the raiders fans. >> goodell said owner mark davis is taking a lead ton issue and the sooner they can make their
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schedule the better. other locations being discussed include the giants home at oracle park and levi stadium. recent privacy scandals don't seem to be hurting facebook's bottom line. today the company reported a net income of $6.88 billion in the fourth quarter. it posted revenue of nearly $17 billion beating wall street expectations. facebook shares surged on the news up close to 12% now in after hours trading. appal is busting facebook for distributing an app and paying users including some teenagers in order to track their phone and their web use. tech crunch reports facebook paid users $20 a month in return for downloading the app. the software gave facebook access to user data like web searches, location and private messages. apple said facebook was using a research program meant for company employees not outsiders and that it violated its tighter rules on privacy tesla missed wall street expectations with its fourth
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quarter earnings report today. the elek drinking car maker reported adjusted earnings of $1.93 for share. less than analysts estimates of $2.08 per share. tesla did post revenue of more than (700) 000-0000 which beat forecasts. today's weather beat the forecast. we are looking at rainfall just 30 miles offshore. right over the bay area -- its almost perfectly clear. what is going on? we will talk about when the rain arrives and when that bigger storm arrives which will have five times as much rain as what we will get tonight. that is coming up. an east bay city making a major investment to become more bike friendly. the changes in store for some major roads. in store for some major roads.
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crews in southern california are racing against the clock. they are scrambling to fix a massive sink hole before more rain moves in. it opened up after a storm drain collapsed last week. its about 100 feet long and 15 feet deep. public works says they will work 12 hour shifts until the drain has been cleared to prevent any floods. southern california will get a lot of rain fall. it seems like they get nothing for a month and then they get a -- guess what is coming this weekend? the mudslide risk. we will see some pretty cig thif can't rainfall around here on friday. likely an inch of rain or more for all of the bay area.
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tonight we can call the appetizer. it will be in and out with about three or four hours with some lingering showers tomorrow. more significant rainfall with some rain coming up on friday. we are beginning to see some clouds move in. north beach this san francisco the golden gate as well. we are getting cloudy and the rain is just offshore. we had a mostly sunny day with highs in the 60s gone day. concord tonight, rain moves in, 49 degrees. how close is the rain? that close. steady soaking rain less than 30 miles offshore. that is where its likely to stay until about 8:00 tonight. the evening commute should be dry. there are two storms on the way. the first of which is passing by tonight. you can see a little counter clockwise swirl. its kind of paralleling the coastline. it is heading southeast. we will getting a glancing blow. the more significant storm is
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the one back here which will give us rain and wind coming up friday evening and friday night. 11:00 tonight it will be raining t. -- the rain will have moved in by then. its pouring in san francisco and belmont down the to santa cruz. the farther west the closer to the water you are, the more rain you will get. tomorrow morning just some left over showers, maybe even some sunshine. most of tomorrow will be dry. 95 for some of the rain fall will fall before sunrise tomorrow. we all get a crack at some afternoon sunshine. it will be wet. it will be wet everywhere by 7:00 on friday. this time the rain will not clear out quickly. the trailing area of low pressure behind it which will be chilly will also be unstable enough we will have on and off rain throughout the day on saturday as well. your forecast for belmont, a left over morning shower
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tomorrow mainly dry, 62 degrees. rain returns friday afternoon. a high of 60 degrees. speaking of that rain, this is thursday's rainfall totals. not that much. now lets add in friday and saturday. by the time we do that everybody with an inch of rain or more. lots of rain coming friday night. rain tonight some showers early thursday. we are rain free from thursday afternoon early friday. we get wet and windy as we begin the weekend friday evening. highs tomorrow 64 in vallejo. 64 in napa. 65 for san jose. oakland 63. san francisco 62. mainly dry at once morning showers are finished tomorrow. friday evening not dry. it will be soggy and windy. on and off rain saturday. on and off rain super bowl sunday. scattered showers on monday with highs only in the low to mid 50s. this pattern will likely change by the middle of next week. that is your forecast. a new extreme for luxury living. the penthouse that is about to shatter a record in san francisco. shatter a record in san francisco.
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well piece of pricey real estate in san francisco could soon set a new record. >> sdwruntz stop -- just doesn't stop t. pent. the penthouse hit the market yesterday. it of course comes with gorgeous views of the bay and a state of the ark design. the home could become the most expensive to ever be sold in san francisco. a pack heights mansion holds that record. it sold in 2017 for $38 million.
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>> it averages about $5,000 per square foot. >> my god. well coming up at 5:30 it is the main way the bay area gets its drinking water and we are getting a rare look inside. >> i'm don ford inside the mountain tunnel 750 feet below the surface. this 100-year-old tunnel will get some serious engineering repairs. we will have that story coming up. apple racing to contain the damage from an apparent inside job for the second time. secrets stolen from its mysterious self driving car program. and a bay area officer steps into action during an in-flight emergency. how he helped take down an unruly passenger. helped take down an unruly passenger. at bayer our roots run deep.
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so chances are you've seen us around the house... or around the yard... on the shelf... or even out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us, and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years we've been right by your side. advancing the health of the people, plants and pets you love. so from all of us at bayer, thank you for trusting in us. then and now.
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good evening and welcome back. >> the city of fremont taking on a major investment to become a more bike friendly zone. devin ton ambitious addition city leaders hope to have in place by this year. >> the city of fremont is embarking on an ambitious $1 million plan to transform its streets by making the lanes of traffic narrower for cars and wider and safer for cyclists. on fremont streets cars easily out number bicycles and by the city's own admission the protections are patch work and incomplete. >> you have drivers that feel


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